Monday, March 29, 2010

Erev Pesach with The Simpsons

So, it's almost time for the main event. The food is cooked, the house is cleaned, and the children are taking naps. This morning, Avi and I went to Shul for the siyum for the first born. He was excited about the Pesach cookie he got at the end of davening, so I told him to get used to them. After davening, we came home and went outside to burn our chametz. Those of you in Baltimore are used to a community, controlled fire at the Glen Avenue Fire Station. In Israel, biur chametz is a bit different. Here, you can find a fire burning on just about every street. There was one right outside of our building. Avi, Eitan, my sister, and I all went to throw our chametz into the fire. Avi is definitely the fire lover in the family. Eitan, was not such a fan of the smoke. The real excitement of the day however came at lunch time. Those of you in the States know that Erev Pesach is usually slim pickings as far as food is concerned. You can't eat bread, and you can't eat matzah, so that doesn't leave too many choices. In Israel this is not a problem, as in the mall every restaurant is kosher for Pesach and was therefore open for business today. Now, most of the places have kitniyot menus, and those of you who are regular readers know how I feel about kitniyot. But on Erev Pesach, even we are allowed to eat kitniyot. After fighting for a parking space, we made our way to the food court and ordered a full Burger's Bar lunch. They had everything you could want, just on potato rolls, instead of the usual bread. As we were eating, we all reflected back on the old days, when Erev Peach consisted of hard salami and diet coke. Not that there's anything wrong with hard salami, but hey, this is Burger's Bar we're talking about. Once the kids went for their naps, we welcomed The Simpson family to Israel. We were a bit worried about what we would watch, as The Simpsons are not exactly known for being politically correct. After watching however we were amazed at how accurately the episode reflected certain parts of life here in Israel. Of course, there were the usual inappropriate and crude jokes, but this is The Simpsons after all. After all the work of preparing for Pesach, this was a great way to relax and appreciate this country for what it is. Below is a clip from the episode. So, we hope everyone has a Chag Sameach and an enjoyable seder. Stay tuned for more Chol Hamoed updates as the week continues.

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